Honkers drop two to Langley

The Northwest Honkers lost both games Sunday, July 21st to the Langley Blaze at Shorecrest High School. In game one Honkers Justin Ansdell threw five innings for the loss 9-2. Right fielder Chris Bradshaw had a double in the game for the Honkers driving in one.

In game two Honkers Jason Salers threw seven innings with Blake Fulghum coming in for two innings for the loss. Honkers led 1-0 going into the after the first when Langley drove in one to tie it up 1-1 in the top of the third. Honkers took the lead in the bottom of the fifth 2-1 but Langley took back the lead scoring two in the top of the sixth to go up 3-2. The Honkers tied it up in the bottom of the seventh but could not hold on when Langley hit a home run in the top of the ninth and was unanswered by the Honkers in the bottom of the ninth. Honkers second baseman Jordan Padilla had a triple in the game. Right fielder Chris Bradshaw and first baseman Clayton Truex each had a double for the Honkers.

Honkers are back in action Monday, July 22nd against the Seattle Studs at Art Wright Field in Kent at 7:00PM. It is the last game to donate canned food or $5 entry fee to the Honkers “Honkin’ for Harvest” food drive. HONK HONK!!

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