Honkers take two from Burnaby

The Northwest Honkers faced the Burnaby Bulldogs on Sunday for a double header at Shorecrest High School taking both games 7-4 and 8-0.

In game one Honkers Bobby Wassmann pitched a seven inning complete game for the win giving up only four hits. Honkers third baseman Tyler Cherin went three for three with a double and three stolen bases. Honkers second baseman Jordan Padilla, left fielder Paul Sitkowski and short stop Brandon Dormaier all had doubles in the game.

In game two Honkers Jason Salers pitched seven innings for the win striking out eight and giving up only one hit in the fifth inning. In the forth inning Honkers first baseman Clayton Truex hit a solo home run to make the score 3-0 going two for three on the day with a stolen base. Cherin hit a three run home run in the sixth inning to put the Honkers up 6-0. Cherin also stole three bases in the game for the Honkers.  Also in the game short stop Dormaier hit a double for the Honkers.


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