Honkers compete well at GFI

The Northwest Honkers headed up to the Grand Forks International Baseball tournament and competed well coming out first place overall giving up only four runs in pool play.

In game one of pool play the Honkers faced the Parkland White Sox defeating them 6-1. Honkers Brad Bennett pitched 7 innings for the win giving up only one hit. Third baseman Jesse Bechtold, first baseman Cameron Padron and second baseman Jordan Padilla each had a double for the Honkers.

In game two of pool play the Honkers faced the Thurston County Senators defeating them 9-3. Honkers left fielder Hunter Bingham had a two run home run for the Honkers. Third baseman Jordan Tescher had a triple for the Honkers with center fielder Jacob Zanon adding two doubles and Padilla and Bechtold each with one double.

In game three of pool play the Honkers faced the hometown team the Grand Forks Blues defeating them 24-0. Honkers Hunter Bingham hit for the cycle with a home run in the sixth. Six Honkers had a double in the game.

With only giving up four runs the Honkers headed out of pool play in first place drawing the Seattle Studs in the first round of playoffs. The Honkers got down early giving up three in the first two innings. Honkers Bobby Wassmann pitched six innings for the loss. Zanon had a home run for the Honkers driving in two in the bottom of the eighth. The Honkers dropped the game to be eliminated 9-3.

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