Don’t forget to check out the Honkers Schedule!

The Honkers have a fun and exciting schedule for the 2017 season, so don’t forget to check it out and mark your calendars!

The Honkers have 24 league games scheduled against the PIL league opponents: Seattle Studs, Everett Merchants, Thurston County Senators, Kitsap Blue Jackets and Highline Bears.

A highlight in the beginning of the schedule is a eight day trip to Fairbanks, Alaska to play the Alaska Goldpanners in a seven game series. Watch the games live from the Goldpanners website!

The Honkers will also again be traveling up to Grand Forks, B.C. for the Grand Forks Invitational baseball tournament at the end of June as well as to Kamloops, B.C. for the Kamloops International baseball tournament in July.

Home games will be played at Fall City Community Park in Fall City, WA. Hope to see you all out at the ball park this summer! HONK HONK!!

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