No Grand Forks International 2018 for the Honkers

by Garrett Gagnon,

The Honkers annual trip to the Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament will not take place this summer. Following catastrophic flooding throughout the Kootenay Boundary district of British Columbia, the regular GFI baseball tournament will not be able to take place this year. The “Great Flood of 2018” devastated much of the quaint city that is Grand Forks BC. The baseball tournament plans to rebound in 2019 and is already set to start on June 25th of next year. See the links below for more information on the 2018 flood and the Grand Forks International Tournament cancellation.

The Honkers online schedule now reflects this recent change. Instead of a June 25th departure into Canada, The Honkers will now take on the Redmond Dudes and Seattle Studs twice each in the June 25th to July 1st time span. The Northwest Honkers will still be traveling to the Kamloops International Baseball Tournament in Kamloops British Columbia during early July. Honk Honk!

Grand Forks 2018 Flooding:

2018 Grand Forks International Tournament Cancelled:



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