Honkers Bested by Angels Once Again: Tanner Braun Magnificent in 3-2 Loss

It was a tight one for the Honkers in a heartbreaking loss, as walk off single by Shawn Schaefer off of Chaz Lopez won the Angels there second consecutive again the Honkers. There was much more offense in this game than what was showed in the runs department, as the Honkers were on base all game, and spraying hits all over the field. Offensive standout Josh Snider was able to collect three hits in the game, and hitting the baseball hard, but wasn’t fortunate enough to drive any runs in. Tanner Hardy was able to create some offense around the nine spot, which is always a ticket for success when you have runners on when flipping the lineup over to the top of the order. Tanner collected three hits, and was able to drive home Josh Snider with the bases loaded to give the Honkers a run in the fourth inning. He also was able to advance in and score from second earlier in the third, courtesy of a Kendall Yackley base hit.

This tied the game at two, and it would remain tied until the Angels were able to piece together a rally in the bottom of the ninth to win it. The offense was back to its usual form however, which was a good sign for the Honkers, especially as Tanner Hardy was able to raise his average on the season to .419, the best mark on the team.

The real standout in this game came from the other Tanner, starting pitcher Tanner Braun. He was able to dominate in this one, probably having the most dominant performance of this season even though he still gave up two runs. The start actually raised his ERA because it was so low, and he still only sits at a 1.41. The performance was masterful, as he was able to bounce back from a two run homer to start off in the bottom of the first inning, but from then on it was smooth sailing for Tanner, as he was able to to rattle off 12 strikeouts through the 7 2/3 innings. He was able to strikeout the side in both the fourth and fifth innings, and was able to strike out 8 of 10 batters faced in inning four, five, and six, proving to be a masterful stretch of dominance for Tanner.

Even without the win, the Honkers will look to build off this in the rest of the games throughout this tournament. As always, HONK HONK!!

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