Honkers Finish Tournament on Low Note, Lose 7-2 but Bats Wake up in Loss

The Honkers weren’t able to finish the tournament with a win, but none the less they were able to walk away playing some good baseball that saw them once again out hit another team in a loss, which has become a sort of trend for the Honkers as of late. There was never any doubt that the bats were going to start rolling, and although they weren’t scorching, they were able to do some damage, but still left eight runners on base which proved to be costly.

The Honkers once struggled to hold the opponents in the first inning, as almost every game here in this tournament the other team was able to come out and take a lead early on. The same instance happened here for typical relief pitcher Dominic Miller as he was put into a starting situation and wasn’t able to get out of the first without giving up four runs, as saw that total climb to six by the end of four innings. His command got away from him, as he walked five batter and there was too much chaos on the bases for Miller. He will look to go back to his relief role, where he normally excels in. Warren Utchinski was able to put together another strong relief performance, as his tall frame has helped him contrl the zone and pitch down onto the hitter with force. He struck out four in only two innings to help keep the Bulldogs at bay in the later innings. He lowered his season ERA to 1.50 and the Honkers are lucky to have picked him up.

The Honkers head back home where they look to take on the Highline Bears in a double header on Saturday at Sammamish High School in Bellevue, Washington.





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