Honkers Fall to Bears 5-2 in Shortened Game: Lefty Cameron Padron Shines

The Honkers fell in a shortened game to the Highline Bears in a conference against the Highline Bears on Thursday evening. It was a game that saw the Honkers get out to an early lead in the first inning, as Cameron Padron drove in two in the first inning to put the Honkers on top. The Bears were then able to get one back  in the second with a single from the six hitter Cody Chavis. The Bears were then able to take the lead in the fourth when starter Nate Butcher seemed to lose command a little bit, which led to multiple runs being scored in the fourth inning. Nate Butcher was the starter and he once again was able to use his dominant stuff to strike batters out, but he also struggled with his location and walked seven batters. He gave up eight hits and five earned runs through all eight innings, and was able to get through eight innings, and settled in quite well in the later innings.

On the offensive side of the ball, it was an average day for the Honkers as they racked up six hits in eight innings. They were carried by first basemen Cameron Padron, who racked up a couple hits, and brought up his average in conference play to .300. With a long frame, Padron has been able to use that length to his advantage, and has been able to spray the ball to all sides of the field.

The Honkers will take on the Bears Friday night and look to bounce back.


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