Honkers Lose out in Offensive Shootout 10-11: Jordan Padilla Drives in Four

The Honkers looked like they were going to cruise to a victory when they got out to a 5-0 lead after two innings, but this game was not going to go down easy. A combination of 21 runs and 23 hits was the outcome after ten innings, but it wasn’t before many twists and turns.

The game got off to a great start for the Honkers, as they put up five runs, led by a four run second inning that started off with  Kendall Yackley RBI single to score Paul Bryniarski. Yackley then scored with Zach Zurbrugg on a two eun double by Brock Bueno with the bases loaded. Then Jordan Padilla topped it off with the infielders playing back, as he hit a ground ball two second that scored Braydon Torres-Moore from third. The Pippins got one back in the bottom of that inning but the Honkers were looking good, with a five run lead. But this game featured at least one run being scored in the first seven innings of the game, so it was sure to change.

After a two run third inning for the Pippins, the Honkes got some back in the top of the fourth by loading the bases for Braydon Torre-Moore, who was up at the plate when Connor King came in and scored on a wild pitch, then a single by Jordan Padilla and sacrifice fly by Chaz Lopez and the Honkers were back on top 8-3. Then the Pippens got right back into the game with a four run inning off of Josh Snider. So through four innings, the game was back and 8-7 but quickly changed as the Pippens tied the game with an RBI single to give them an 8-8 tie. Jordan Padilla responded back in the top of the 6th with a clutch RBI single of his own, but the Pippens got another one back in the bottom of that inning, to bring the game to a 9-9 tie. The Honkers yet again responded, with a sacrifice fly from Zach Zurbrugg, but once again the Pippens were able to rally later in the inning to bring it 10-10 after a full seven innings. It would stay this way for three innings, as the pitching tightened up, and the Honkers got good inning from closer Austin Pascika. Then, the score finally broke in the bottom of the 10th, as the Pippens walked it off with an RBI single.

It was a hard fought game for the Honkers, and one that featured a lot of stars. Jordan Padilla was a clear favorite, with 4 RBI’s and two hits in the game, as well as some solid play from Paul Bryniarski, who also collected two hits of his own. Padilla has been a rock for the Honkers, and someone they can rely on in all the clutch situations thus far this season, and his average has only increased, as it sits at .346.

The Honkers look to get back on track against the Seattle Studs. Good luck boys.


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