2018 Northwest Honkers Roster

# Name Position B/T School Hometown
1 Jesse Bechtold C/UTL R/R Pierce College Orting, WA
2 Evan Gilliam OF R/R Univ. of Tennessee Lexington, TN
4 Bailey Sarto INF R/R Olympic College Monroe, WA
7 Mitch Eatmon LHP L/L Jamestown Snohomish, WA
8 Jordan Padilla INF R/R Jamestown Kirkland, WA
10 Chase Huff INF S/R Eastern Illinois Taylorsville, UT
11 Ethan Lincecum INF R/R Texas State Burleson, TX
12 Kasey Bailey OF L/R Lewis and Clark State Tacoma, WA
15 Oliver Wange RHP R/R Pecos League Kirkland, WA
17 Paul Bryniarski OF L/R South Mountain CC Fountain Hill, AZ
18 Tanner Braun RHP R/R Central Washington Snohomish, WA
19 Cameron Padron 1B/OF L/Ambi Western Oregon Duvall, WA
20 Stephen England 3B/OF R/R Nationals 2006 (2nd round) Bellevue, WA
21 Zach Zurbrugg C R/R Jamestown Bremerton, WA
22 Max Winklehake RHP R/R Univ. of Northern Colorado Seattle, WA
24 Tom Butler RHP R/R Occidental College Seattle, WA
26 Garrett Gagnon RHP R/R Wells College Randolph, VT
27 Keenahn Coyle RHP R/R Univ. of Sioux Falls Sioux Falls, SD
29 Sam Krapf RHP R/R Northern State Univ. Twin Falls, ID
30 Ryan Eddy RHP R/R Greys Harbor CC Tacoma, WA
31 Nathaniel Affonso C R/R Clark College Graham, WA
32 John Wuthrich OF R/R Texas State Midland, TX
33 Chaz Lopez OF/RHP R/R Pacific Lutheran Covington, WA
34 Wesley Faison 1B R/R Texas State Richmond, TX
37 Josh Snider LHP L/L Thompson River Univ. Moses Lake, WA
38 Stuart Maes RHP R/R Univ. of Sioux Falls St. Paul, MN
40 Spencer Trautmann LHP R/L Western Oregon Briar, WA
5 Martin Lawrence GM West Texas A&M Bellevue, WA

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